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Cuyahoga Community College Chapter: AAUP

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Welcome Message
Our Mission
The Executive Committee
Your Campus Representatives
Union Office Address & Location

Welcome Message

On behalf of our President, Ed Foley, and the chapter Executive Committee, welcome to the CCC-AAUP web site. The AAUP's mission is described by the motto, "Quality through Unity." As we expect even more challenges ahead, our mission remains just as important as ever. The strength of our union depends on each member committing to that unity and each giving his or her best as professional educators for our students and our college.

Our contract gives us opportunities to participate in joint governance. True faculty input results in better decisions on important issues that will benefit the college in many ways going forward. The administration seems to recogniize that they need us involved in may efforts if progress is to be made. Our leadership role has been earned and has been recognized in our collective bargaining agreements. We expect to have many more opportunities to lead, as many of you serve on the various AAUP and/or Faculty Senate committees. President Foley and your Executive Committee continue to work with Faculty Senate to staff these important committees that will impact each of us in coming years.

Communication with your AAUP leadership remains essential for defending your rights. Each member should not hesitate to discuss a potential issue with a member of the Executive Committee. We must vigilantly guard against allowing administrative procedures to violate provisions of the contract. That is why you should notify your union representative if there are any potential problems. The sooner information about a situation is shared, the sooner it can be addressed, and in many cases prevent something from festering into a larger problem in the future. And you can call the Union office as well.

Your Executive Committee is committed to working on behalf of the members to assist all of us in living out the mission of the AAUP.

Edward Durkin

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Ed Foley
President, Ed Foley

Our Mission

Serving as the collective bargaining agent for the faculty, matters relating to wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment are addressed.  The interests of all members of the bargaining unit are represented without discrimination.  The CCC chapter is seeking quality through unity by advancing the standards, ideals, and welfare of the teaching profession.

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Executive Committee

Edward M. Foley, Business Administration, West Campus, x5297

Vice President, Metro
David Bernatowicz, History, x4524

Vice President, East
Anna Lauer, Library, x2091

Vice President, West
Michael Boyko, Law Enforcement, / Fire Technolgoy x5037

Vice President, Westshore
Ashlee Brand, English, x5843

Edward J. Durkin, Information Technology, West Campus, x5280

Kristin Egan, Mathematics, West, x5618

Past President

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Your Campus Representatives
As of 2015

Eastern Representatives
Christopher Kinsella, History, x2143
Kevin Kuntz, Counseling, x2048
Dr. Haidi Kamel, Chemistry, x2392

Metro Representatives
Dr. Valerie Brown, Sociology, x464521
Suzanne Reyes, English, x4573
Michael Wilkins, Mathematics, x4037

Western Representatives
Dr. Holly Clemens, Physical Education, x5070
Jeffery Tuma, Philosophy, x5499
Donya Waugh, Psychology, x5534

Westshore Representative
Kirsten Windahl, ESL, x5819


Union Office Address & LocationMap to Union Office and Link to MapQuest

Lori Price, Office Manager

5415 Schaaf Road
Independence, Ohio 44131

Map to the Office

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