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Tenure Information

"Tenure Is Not An Automatic Process" Videos

    Tenure Workshop Videos: Part 1, Part 2
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What is tenure?

    Tenure is not an automatic process.  According to Article 37 of the CCC-AAUP contract, tenure is the award of continuous employment.  The Board of Trustees award tenure on the basis of faculty competence.  Since faculty competence can be general and vague, the CCC chapter of the AAUP has provided tips and information to illustrate the expertise of the profession.  Tenure can be a very stressful process, but preparing well and getting used to the idea of telling people what good things you are doing can make it easier. Asking questions and keeping informed are great tools as well.

Why is tenure important?

    Tenure is recognition of faculty competence. It is the College’s most effective means for establishing a climate of academic freedom and professional responsibility. Tenure is a way of CCC’s supporting academic freedom and the professional responsibility of the individual to whom tenure is awarded.

Who is eligible for tenure?

    Tenure-track instructional faculty, counselors, and librarians are eligible for tenure.


When does one apply for tenure?

    All tenure-track faculty shall become eligible for tenure after five (5) years of service to the College during which they have served over 50% of their annual contractual time in a teaching capacity.  Teaching capacity is defined by the College as: classroom instruction, college librarian or counseling. 

    For example, if one was hired and started at the beginning of Fall 2005, they would submit the materials necessary to apply for tenure at the end of Fall 2009. If the applicant meets the criteria of demonstrated teaching ability, creative achievement, academic integrity and professional service to the College and to the community, then the award of tenure is granted with their next faculty contract Fall 2010.

How does one apply for tenure?

    Customarily, the eligible faculty member will submit a portfolio that summarizes their service for the past five years.  The college looks at demonstrated teaching ability, creative achievement, academic integrity and professional service to the College.  Every year the CCC-AAUP hosts a workshop at each campus and discusses tenure at length with those in the track.  Examples of recent tenure portfolios are usually brought for reference. 

    Additionally, in order to be granted tenure, tenure-track faculty must meet the criteria governing eligibility for the rank of assistant professor.

How do I organize my portfolio?

    As you prepare your tenure portfolio, focus attention to the  table of contents. Mark each area clearly with tabs labeled for each respective area. Also, your table of contents should be detailed to reflect what is presented in each area.

    Links are provided below:

What happens if tenure is not awarded?

    If an eligible faculty member does not receive tenure after applying, then the college provides a written statement which includes the reason for the rejection in tenure. An appeal can be made to the decision with the help of the CCC-AAUP. Some decisions in the past have been reversed after appeal. The College President and one or two CCC Trustees serve on the appeal panel. If an appeal is denied, the faculty member will receive in most cases a one-year terminal contract.





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